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PIM is by definition personal. It means that the user should not be restricted by models provided by others.

Consequently, making the choice to design your own PIM makes a lot of sense. Yet re-inventing the wheels is not necessarily a good thing. This page will thus provide help for those who wants to build their own system and still be efficient.

I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man's.

William Blake

Cognitive limitations

One can imagine the role of this effort as

  • the function present(linearize(objective_filer(complex world), brain limitations)))
  • of "finding and transforming cognitive flaws to software support in an integrative fashion".
  • the epistemic process of
    1. listing cognitive limitations based on state of the art in brain research
    2. finding and designing software solutions to efficiently cope with the listed limitations
    3. iterating while judging the impact of the solutions implemented

Consequently this could be split in 3 parts:

  1. brain limitations
  2. brain alteration through interaction with software (eventually leading back to new brain limitations)
  3. software and hardware advances

This list aims at more efficiently implementing truly relevant features in our PIMs.

To explore

  • Logs of the 22nd of August 2011
  • h2.0 Symposium Archive at MIT Media Lab
  • PIM dedicated IHM studies relying on cognitive science studies


  • graph-centric
    • wikis, semantic-web, ...
  • database-centric
    • relational DB
    • Object Oriented DB
  • everything is miscellaneous
    • tag-based system

Existing toolkits

  • wiki + online editors
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