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  • Affordance by James J. Gibson
  • Cognitive Commons defined by Itiel Dror and Stevan Harnad in Offloading Cognition onto Cognitive Technology
  • Cognitive Scaffolding as developed by Andy Clark in 1997 from Being There: Putting Brain, Body and World Together Again
  • Concept Map and "Concept Map" in Handbook of Knowledge Representation by F. van Harmelen, V. Lifschitz, and B. Porter, eds., Elsevier, 2008, pp. 213-237.
  • Cyborg (controversial yet several resulting tools can be compared to PIM tools)
  • Digital curation or Data curation
  • Extelligence "the social use of the brains of others" by Brian Whitworth and Rob Friedman
  • Ted Nelson's Hypertext
  • Information Overload coined by Alvin Toffler in 1970
  • Intelligence Augmentation by William Ross Ashby
  • Knowledge management (KM)
  • Lifelog
  • Mind extension also promoted by Andy Clark
  • Neuroplasticity (also referred to as brain plasticity, cortical plasticity or cortical re-mapping)
    • see also neuronal recycling coing by Stanislas Dahaene in 2004
  • Personal Sousveillance coined by Steve Mann
  • Personal information management (PIM)
  • Philosophy of mind
  • Information Geometry and in particular Shun'ichi Amari's related work on neural networks
  • Stigmergy
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