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  1. log inclusion as PmWiki cookbook
    1. input (:log from dateY to dateX:)
    2. output [@[[#dateY]]logcontent...[[#dateX]]logcontent@]
  2. use data from Template and the Profiles group to generate
    1. PIM/MembersPIMs
      1. MembersInterMap
    2. allow configuration file upload
  3. Change the skin (pick an existing one) and make a specific logo (designer around?)
    1. installed Parchment but deactivated it, glitches with the menu
  4. Make daily backup available independently of Seedea
    1. done at nightly 6AM server time (CET)
  5. Add a process (cf Process Wiki, requested by Twitter) / schema (cf pmGraphViz) recipe
  6. Replace remote images by local content with the correct licenses (CC, Wikimedia...)
    1. RSS icon
    2. wiki main logo
    3. Result icons
  7. add a "life" indicator based
    1. the last wiki edition, using the date in the top line of AllRecentChanges
    2. the last activity in IRC, using using the date in the top line of Logs
  8. plugin that will display the last 10 URLs posted in the IRC channel and propose to append each (each having a little "+" button) to the current wiki page
  9. Consider a plugin that'll query new results from Google Scholar for the search term <"personal information management" or "personal knowledge management">, and print them in the channel. Tools for making RSS feeds from websites may be of help.
    1. An option would be to use Yahoo! Pipes
    2. However, this article says that Google disabled scraping which had allowed pipes to work with it...
  10. integrate the distribution of authors by edits


  1. Make key pages and update the side menu accordingly
  2. Add an online IRC link (cf mibbit, redirection from #pim is working)
    1. Thanks to Koganei suggestion and RandIter redirection
  3. Add a per_page RSS recipe (cf PageFeed)
    1. RSS links and logo added to PIM and Communication GroupHeader
  4. QR code bar
  5. using PmFeed as en embded equivalent of
  6. proper URL rewriting, see Cookbook/CleanUrls
    1. Hypertext Style: Cool URIs don't change. W3C
  7. update to reflect the domain name
  8. link to our PIM Wave ID
    2. WaveID: can now be used in links
      1. [[WaveID:ixnPLHJ3A|our PIM Wave]]

PS : for projects related to PIM itself, see the dedicated PIM.Objectives page.

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