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Strategies and reviews

This page lists strategies used by members to cope with the initial problems that pushed them to use and eventually design PIMs.

What are the different methods you use to solve this or that problem? Even if you don't have a tool you might still have a step by step process. Explicating it here could eventually lead us to build or find the adapted solution.

Step by Step process by theBlah

  • First
  • Second Moleskine GTD Solution
  • Third Try and recreate Moleskine functionality, while carrying around on this device
  • Fourth (current) Take care of all PIM needs while carrying only a single device.

An evolution of problems and their solutions by Utopiah

PIM, From notebooks to wiki? by Paola?

Learning alongside PIM? by ThePhysicist?

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Page last modified on March 21, 2010, at 08:55 PM