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Q&A on PIM adoption

  • What are the main recent some people are not currently using a PIM now?
    • not knowing that the tools and processes exist
    • not seeing the value and investing time in other activities
      • especially once out of the educational system
    • scared that the content is not worth writing down while it could be other way around, making it easy to read back and visible invites to try improve the content
      • a lot of people want to be good before trying
      • thus even less sharing to others, thus even less open to the whole world to see
    • lack of technical skills
  • Why use a PIM in the first place?
    • track improvement, facilitate creativity, handle information overload, ...
  • Why is the current setup e.g. Moleskine notebook and Microsoft Outlook not enough?
    • difficult to search on paper, difficulty to create links between piece of information, hard to extend, ...
  • Does it mean one has to share all his PIM content with others?
    • no it remains optional, it seems that this remains one of the major aspect that makes PIM study difficult, those are private practices of which people rarely exchange on
    • yet it seems rather positive for others but also for the individual as he can receive feedback on his work
  • What is the difference between personal and private?
    • personal is most likely unique in the sense that nobody else either have thought about such topic of have similar data (e.g. running time)
    • private means that the person about which the information relates to have no desire for it to be known
    • the two concepts are not exclusive or equivalent
      • e.g. weight can be personal and private if ones desires so, a sportsman weight is personal but does not have to be private and the average weight in a population is not personal nor private
    • it is important to know which information in a PIM is personal and which is private and consequently adjust the authentication system accordingly
      • the security of the system is also fundamental to manage private information

Deciding which PIM to use

Those PIMs serve as example to compare. They are in no way covering the entire list of existing solutions but rather what users of this wiki and its IRC channel are familiar with.

 PmWikiHintsNetDesktopWiki (Dokuwiki based)OrgMode or VimOrganizertext files on CVS
Description of System when testing
Support data typetext,images
any datatype through recipes
text,imageany datatype?any datatype
some repository handle blob better than other
most can ignore sets of files
UI typenon WYSIWYG textarea/API/shellGraphic (WYSIWYG)Graphicemacs/vim?
Mobile supportvia plugin and dedicated CSS??via MobileOrg for org-mode?
Platform supportany that supports PHPWindows?any that supports emacs/vimmost depending on the versioning system picked
How many items/pages in system (unclear)?68841217??
Data typeplain-textbinary-file?plain-textplain-text
Total storage~2MB (web)130MB(image file format changed)132MB?low
Support async search? (unclear) yesyes??
Cached search?yesyes??no
Implementation typeweb/standalonestandalonestandaloneemacs/vim scriptsdepends on the versioning system picked
Development languagePHPC#PHPeLisp/vimdepends on the versioning system picked
Proprietary/Open softwareGPLproprietaryGPLGPLdepends on the versioning system picked
how long in seconds (min/max/avg) do you need to
to cold open any random item??1s/5s/1s???
search for a word in your PIM?1s/10s/3s1s/30s/1s1s/3s/1s??
search for a word in a sub-part of your PIM?1s/10s/3s1s/30s/1s1s/3s/1s??
access a specific piece of information??1s/30s/1s1s/2min/30s??
add a textual new piece of information??1s/1s/1s<3s??
add a non-textual new piece of information??1s/1s/1s<3s??
uni-directionally link between two specific pieces of information??1s/5s/1s<3s??
bi-directionally link between two specific pieces of information??1s/5s/1s<3s??
rename a specific pieces of information and keeping it properly linked??1s/1s/1s<3s??
modify layout of one item in one pagevia built-in syntax or CSS1s/3s/1s???
modify layout of group of items in one pagevia built-in syntax or CSSnot supported???
how long in minutes do you need to restore it
after an hardware failure?nothing to setup, all file-based, if the environment is sane and a backup is available, only unpacking is requiredhigh fault tolerant,normally less than 1 minute,except all filesystem corrupted??should be instaneous if cloned
how much attention do you need to do a task
0 = no attention needed, you can conduct the action while talking to somebody else
10 = total attention need, you can not conduct the action without minimum distraction
task X??3-5???
how much computer resources do you need to do
task X?the main requirement is the browser renderingMEM: according to data type
for text <10MB
for image avg ~30MB but sometimes >300MB
~25M RAM for nginx+php-cgi and DesktopWiki.exe??
Most relevant plugins
pluginsWikiCalendar and several others in Category/PIMnon modular?Worg?

Note that some description are about the system itself and some are about its content, this should be distinguished.

Solutions to makes such measurements

  • logs activity
    • time, uptime, top

Test your PIM

  1. conduct an analysis of the wiki
    1. it will employ most features described above
    2. record the time you need to each task
    3. record the overall time you need to the entire analysis
  2. submit your result
  3. compare with others

Going further

See also Untested for more related tools.

Potential tool to do so

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