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PIM lint by Utopiah

Topic revision by Utopiah

This project (created the 22/01/2011) has no bounty, offer one


Generate or link to exercises regarding the current page holding notes on topics, books, videos.




  • revise any topic


  1. tag notes with [[#ResumeStart]] resume... [[#ResumeEnd]]
  2. take randomly sentence with sufficient length in percentage
  3. remove word randomly with sufficient length in percentage
  4. display sentence
  5. take 4 words of about the same length from the same page
  6. display the 4 words
  7. check and score, go on

To explore


Distribution of PIM methods by Utopiah

This project (created the 05/11/2010) has no bounty, offer one


Gather data and represent the distribution of note taking methods per country/job/age and other meaningful categories.


in France

MethodNumber of usersPercentageRemarks
Memory60 million100% 
Paper notebook6 million10% 
Text files on computer1 million1% 
Mindmaps on computer0.1 million<1% 
Wikis on computer0.001 million<1% 


  • the methods are not exclusive
  • this rough initial estimation has been done following participation to few events in a cross section of the population


  • communicate efficiently on PIM tools
  • facilitate transition from one method to the other


  • gather statistics
    • INSEE
    • OpenData
  • generate our own questionnaire


  • discussion on freenode following a question by nicktick (09:09 05/11/2010) regarding the note taking method of the french population

RealTime healthy behavior monitoring by Utopiah

This project has no bounty, offer one


As most laptops/netbooks but even mobile devices have webcam integrated by default, OpenCV (Open Computer Vision Library) could make be part of a nice "healthy life suggestion engine" (behavior pattern -> suggestion)


head in handsrelax
head sidewaytake a coffee break
1h typingwalk 5min


  • Self-monitoring of disabled and elderly population using Internet in always increasing numbers.
    • "the machine wont get tired of reminding them of the right behavior" (Paola)
  • It could also be networked and tailored by medical professionals.


  • Build a database of positions as pictures transformed to abstracted positions (vectors?) then thanks to an ML technique (like ANN) make it a bit more flexible
  • Existing databases of raw data (unanalized pics/videos with manually described behavior) are important as researchers might disagree on what thresholds, filters and processes lead to better abstract information (see facial+expression+database query on Google Scholar)


NoName by Ari?

This project has no bounty, offer one

  • Thoughts - Time Stamps can be used to auto log events from the watch's memory.
    • i.e. - Irregular heart beat or prolonged stay at a location would prompt for event entry.

DIY HW device by Utopiah

This project has no bounty, offer one

  • voice recording device with contextual information (time+geodata, eventually heartbeat)
    • cradle at home to automatically
      • unload the recorded mp3
      • convert it to text
      • upload the resulting content (text) + metadata (contextual information) to the PIM (wiki or other)

Defining PIM

This project has no bounty, offer one

default features

  • versionning system
  • easilly add text
  • easilly add personnal data
    • meeting
    • people
    • notes
    • pictures
  • export to txt/yaml/xml
  • module ready
  • extremely simple way to link data
  • ...

focusing on classic usage

  • book notes
  • social network
  • agenda
  • videos
  • do query based on tags
  • import from other system
  • intermap
  • ...

exploiting data

  • recommendation system
  • templates for queries
  • ...

Each group is supposed to be done in sequential order as it built from the previous one.

If you plan to offer such a PIM system online, please consider :


This project has a $10 bounty, grab it!


little program that monitors what soft you are using and show your notes after


  1. monitor software with ps (equivalent for windows too)
  2. when you close a program like vim or SMW after X minutes of usage
    1. proposes to open your note page to add learnings, questions, revize previous notes, etc...
  3. easy configuration
    1. link to the configuration file
    2. text input in the popup for quick add with the pre-filled pattern

Configuration file

Pattern to detectMessage to display
time usedprocess namewindow titleclickable URL + message (plain HTML?)
>3hFirefox.exeSemanticMediaWikiUpdate your notes :

Window title is required for

  • browser
    • precise URLs
  • text editors
    • for httpd, seing the config file like /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf


  • CLI prototype in linux (dedicated screen window with activity bell)
  • system tray icon in windows
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