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List the new tools or community that are still unexplored. Those should be categorized to facilitate browsing and receive critical opinions in order not to have to subscribe, eventually wait for an invitation then finally test first hand to know if it is the right thing for you.

Good new ideas but also flaws should be listed clearly.

Tools to test

  • Pimki loosely based on Instiki's Wiki technology.
    • Ruby based
  • Chandler Project A notebook you can organize, back up and share!
  • Ness, the first personal search engine based on your unique tastes.
  • momment, A new way to cherish memories
    • "Momment lets you create your social journal using your moments in the form of tweets, status updates, photos, videos and check ins. Everyday is journalled beautifully so that you or your friends can come back and cherish it. View your friends' journal or create memories by grouping your moments together. Look back at life in reverse."
  • LazyMeter Your To-Do List, One Day At A Time
    • "Kiss your overwhelming to-do list goodbye, and start using the only to-do list you’ll finish every day."
    • "Now you can easily NETCLEAN all unwanted personal information and clean forever any personal reference you don't want or don't need to show up in the net."
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Page last modified on August 16, 2011, at 11:55 AM