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Chronological evolution

  1. nothing and being ok with it
  2. nothing and having difficulties handling it
  3. paper solutions
    1. applying mindmaps on a nearly daily basis, especially during the first cognitive science seminar I participated to, Compiegne 2004
  4. early software solutions
    1. mindmapping softwares including MindManager then Mind42 for its online availability
  5. looking for a solution to write a long paper for the graduate course on knowledge management at CEFET (now UTFPR), Curitiba 2006
    1. writings to find
  6. a numbered text file of ideas thanks to a discussion with a friend on creativity
  7. a Lisp prototype to make the previous proposal easier to manage
    1. I had no knowledge of OrgMode then
  8. mini-wiki
    1. in 2006
  9. paper notebooks
  10. full fledge wiki
    1. pmwiki in 2008
    2. on CVS vs wiki
  11. network of wikis
    1. ~2009
  12. social involvment to gather and organize needs and works of others
    1. ##pim and started in July 2009
    2. participation since Autumn 2010
      1. MyPIM in Octobre 2010
      2. MemoryLoss in November 2010
      3. ManagingContacts in March 2011
    3. presentations at CRI since Autumn 2010
      1. OurPim for AIW Opening Day
      2. PersonalUX for Pimp My UI at Fabelier
    4. subscribed to ParisQS since April 2011

The key advantage of having my personal wiki

I can have any numbers of ideas without cluttering my mind and be able to move on and refocus no matter how deep or complex the idea was.

Radical shifts

  • results of rather unpleasant realization that the system currently used is either intrinsically limited and/or inefficiently used. Even realization that generated memories of struggle with managing information.
  • those main shifts seem to occur through
    • refactoring resulting in new addressing (see )
    • availability of software (with affordable skills and infrastructure required)
      • thus also the importance of having a sustainable and active community
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