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I'm interested in PIM because (to organize my extremely disorganized life). I'm (my name is Stux) interested in (my interests such as computers and programming) and skilled in (things I like to do).


Here's a short list of programming languages I know (in order of interest and/or familiarity):

  • SQL (mostly MSSQL and MySQL)
  • C, C++, Java, and yes, even Pascal
  • .NET family of languages (C#, VB)
  • Perl, PHP
  • Lisp, Zed, Python (would like to put python intro practice)


Areas of study I'm interested in include:

  • Software Engineering
    • High-assurance software systems
    • Automatic Code Generation
    • Computer Security
  • Mathematics
    • Discrete mathematics (Primes, RSA, P vs. NP)
    • Computer-assisted proofs (just theoretical, sadly with no actual experience)

Please do fill those informations correctly as they will update the rest of the wiki.

System used

  • Microsoft OneNote (version 2007) hosted at my home server, versioned with SVN.
    • I only do it for archival and backup purposes. If I lose my notebooks or really need to find something I deleted (I rarely delete anything from my onenote PIM) then I have the ability to go back and do it. But SVN afaik isn't searchable or easily retrievable from onenote (i.e. not possible, not from onenote).
    • Onenote has the best WYSIWYG and on-the-fly editing capabilities (and I can copy/paste clips from websites and most of the formatting and all the pictures remain!) It's hard to beat that.
  • Mediawiki (version 1.15.1) hosted at my home server, only locally accessible.
    • I've neglected its use. Probable reasons include: didn't take the time to properly organize the pages to fit my needs, no WYSIWYG and markup conversion make editing more time consuming, and easy navigation is harder to maintain: the tabs, notebooks and pages that OneNote automatically creates are not easily generated through MW; navigation require templates which mean more edit steps.
  • Firefox Session Manager (current version) used as 'live-bookmark' system, versioned with SVN.
  • Google Mail (no longer in beta!) sadly, my email still acts as my TODO list.

I use this collection of tools because it answers a few of needs about keeping all my notes and things to do in one place.

Would like to use:

  • Semantic Mediawiki - I'm still new to Semantic Wikis and would like to learn more about its potential power.
  • Something home grown - I'd like to use my programming skills to try to make some unique system that leverages my Note-taking, TODO list, and browsing needs in one place. This system would have to be versioned, highly organized (must support hierarchically organized categories), flexible and easy to navigate in order to support my crazy and disorganized way of thinking. Sadly I'm too disorganized to implement that as of yet.

List of the projects Stux is funding or working on:

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