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Transforming each page of the Wiki to shifts.

Superpitchline : my wiki memory when I browse on the web!



  1. KeyConcepts all links are extracted
    1. ...
  2. a shift is generated per link, when a ShiftSpace users with the PIM shifs visit a page he sees
    1. Shift for Wikipedia PIM link
      1. link to wiki page that link here :
      2. edit link :
      3. line of text where the link appeared : "Personal information management (PIM)"
    2. repeat for every other link in the page


PimWiki<div style="background-color:#FFFF99;"><center><a href="" target="blank">[[PIM/KeyConcepts]]</a> (<a href=" target="blank">Edit<a>)</center><br />Related text from the wiki : "Personal information management (PIM)"<div/>

Idea and refinements


To do

  1. write manually few more shifts
    1. set up the development environment
    2. understand and test demo code
  2. learn how to generate shifts
    1. Shift.setup()
  3. learn how to send shifts
  4. try the automatization on 1 page
  5. try the automatization on 1 wiki
  6. share it on Cookbook/ShiftSpace

To learn

  1. what is the Shift format
  2. how can I automatically display a set of Shifts
    1. design a new Space
    2. load the console
      1. install it : Settings, Spaces, install a space
      2. click "Automatically show shifts"

Futur improvements

  1. make a dedicated Space
  2. make a proper CSS inspired by the wiki CSS
    1. collapse option (a la ShiftSpace demo bar)
    2. preview image (a la CoolIris)
  3. support IRC Logs
  4. make it server-side
    1. check Rhina, javascript for Java
  5. convert it to Layar
  6. web-* WikiNote
    1. a page per user in a dedicated group
    2. a template
    3. a group specific CSS skin
    4. generate a SourceShift that loads it and keep it open on the whole web
      1. collapse option (a la ShiftSpace demo bar)

Manual alternative

Embed PmWiki content easilly in a shift


  1. put a minimal skin in /pub/css/Shifts.css
    1. inspired from mobile skins
    2. but without even buttons, simpler than ?action=print
  2. write down content in the Shifts group
    1. example Shifts.This? or Shifts.That?
  3. create a ShiftSource on a page we are interested in
    1. <iframe> it
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Page last modified on October 23, 2009, at 05:55 PM